Monday, December 21, 2009

City of Pittsburgh: 100, Coffee at Hoi Polloi: Courtesy of Friends, Ms. Mon: Priceless

here's something to be said for schadenfreude. But little when it's not mine.

In all fairness, the Steelers winning was a special event.

The ironic thing is, had my partners in crime and me not launched into a discussion over the Pittsburgh Parking Chair -- and this discovery -- I might have not gone over that extra 19 minutes. (That's my friend, who goes by the stage name of "Luara" giving the thumbs up in the photo.)

In other news, it seems the Luke Ravenstahl has been promised something, but we're really not sure what, by three nonprofits, and the students have emerged victorious over a 1% tuition tax. Thank GOD the local universities care about them so much.

I have also found the perfect Christmas gift for Pittsburgh City Council:

The game would also be a great gift for Chad Hermann of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette-hosted Radical Middle blog, but I suspect that, over the holidays, he may be too busy to play games because he is working on a 312-part series to prove that Holocaust statistics are faulty in order to better relations with Jewish-Americans.

Happy holidays. I'm taking some time off.

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Miller said...

Scene it takes precedence over that nebulous deal.