Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On the Eve Eve of Destruction

After I "tweeted" a comment made by Pittsburgh police officer Eugene Hlavic last night that he made to newspeople (I watched it as it was aired on the WTAE 11:00 p.m. news) -- and remarked that his attitude was certainly not going to win him the compassion of the people, I see that a Post-Gazette reporter also thought his tone was defiant.

I'm still trying to figure out how blogger/activist/etc. guy Matt Hogue placed 1,236 requests to the city's 311 line since October 2006. This averages out to 412 complaints per year. (Please note there are only 365 days per year.) I'm going to assume that 311 doesn't operate like your PCP and will address more than one problem per visit. But still, that's a lot of calls. That's what I call commitment. I think Mayor Ravenstahl should give him a job. I wonder if there are any openings for 311 operators.

Over at Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents, they are celebrating their FOUR YEAR BLOGIVERSARY! I am not giving you their link, as it seems that with the reaching of this anniversary, their rights to the domain name have expired. I'm sure Sue Kerr is busy working on that as I type this. I am writing a guest post for them (as are as some others, including Maria Lupinacci) in honor of their achievement, and as soon as Sue has somewhere for me to post it, I expect it will be up this week sometime.

I have few thoughts on politics this week, so I'm going with the Chris Potter assertion that politics are often not genuinely interesting and will keep comments short. On twitter, City Councilor-elect Natalia Rudiak (go, Carrick!) challenges Potter's cynical view (or is that redundant?) and says she intends to make politics interesting. I say, let's give her a chance. If she can do that, maybe she can show me a way to make doing taxes interesting. If she can show me how to make paying taxes interesting, I'm voting for her for president. If she can do something about the fact that I am taxed both on the money I earn AND the money I spend (has anyone else caught on to this, or is it just me?), I will give her my first-born child. Especially now that it's time to pay for college.

And finally, somewhat out-of-place here, a final goodbye to a man who influenced me, Dennis Brutus. As a reporter at The Pitt News, I was deeply interested in what he had to say and so I covered the battle over the University of Pittsburgh's divestment from South Africa and the anti-apartheid movement. That experience will never leave me, for it is because of my experiences with Brutus, Pitt's Board of Trustees and the students who built shanty towns that I discovered who runs the world. I see history repeats itself.

Repetition is bad, you say?

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